Institutions Country Website
Adventist University of Mozambique Mozambique
Adventist University Zurcher Madagascar
Angola Adventist University Angola
Helderberg College South Africa
Kanye Seventh-day Adventist College of Nursing Botswana
Malawi Adventist University Malawi
Maluti Adventist College Lesotho
Rusangu University Zambia
Solusi University Zimbabwe

Conferences, Missions and Attached Fields

  • North Botswana Conference
  • South Botswana Conference
  • Central Malagasy Conference
  • East Malagasy Conference
  • Mauritius Conference
  • North Malagasy Conference
  • North West Malagasy Conference
  • Reunion Conference
  • Seychelles Mission
  • South Malagasy Conference
  • Central Malawi Conference
  • North Malawi Field
  • South Malawi Field
  • Central Mission
  • North Mission
  • North-East Mission
  • South Mission
  • East Association Mission
  • North Association Mission
  • Copperbelt Zambia Conference
  • Luapula Zambia Field
  • Midlands Zambia Conference
  • North Zambia Field

São Tomé and Príncipe Mission

  • Cape Conference
  • KwaZulu Natal-Free State Conference
  • Lesotho Conference
  • Northern Conference
  • North Namibia Conference
  • South Namibia Conference
  • Swaziland Conference
  • Trans-Orange Conference
  • East Zambia Field
  • Lusaka Conference
  • South Zambia Conference
  • West Zambia Field
  • Central Association Mission
  • South Association Mission
  • Zimbabwe Central Union Conference
  • Zimbabwe East Union Conference
  • South Zimbabwe Conference
  • West Zimbabwe Conference

African Adventist Heritage Museum

We are proud to announce that you can now visit our African Adventist Heritage Museum which beautifully documents different aspects of Africa and Adventist History in Africa