Samuel M Konigmacher and his wife began their missionary work at Nyasaland (now Malawi) where he served in the Malamulo Mission. After a considerably long period of time, they moved out to Matandani Mission, about 1oo kilometers from Malamulo and there they served for half a decade during which time their sons Martin and James both succumbed to malaria.

In 1916, Konigmacher set out to seek a site for a new station and found a spot near the Congo border near the town of Ndola in the Chitina area. In the following year after leaving Rusangu Mission, the Konigmachers pioneered the work of Musofu Mission. Before the first building was constructed in 1918, Kongmacher had his students study in the shades under the trees where he taught them how to read and write. He taught both the young and the elderly to pray and to sing.

Mathew Chimwaga, the first African convert, became a mission worker at Musofu Mission. More buildings were gradually erected with dormitories, staff houses and tuition buildings being part of the development in the years. As at 1993, the school had 15 teachers with upto 500 students.

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