The first SDA Mission station in Lesotho was founded in 1899 at Kolo. Earlier on in 1896 when H.N Haskell visited Africa, the founders of Kolo Mission had heard him speak. Richard Moko accepted the truth at a series of meetings in Kimberly. He was a native teacher.David Kalaka, another native, was converted too and he became Haskell’s guide in the frontier of Africa. Kalaka and Haskell shared much of the word while on the trip on Basutoland and even though there was not much communication going on, there was understanding to a good extent.

Richard Moko worked with missionaries Mr and Mrs J.C Rogers at Kimberly and he went on to sell books and teach the natives even after the departure of the Rogers to elsewhere. A. O Olsen visited Africa and found the converts ready to be baptized.David Kalaka being one of them, returned to his native land in together with J. M freeman, continued the missionary work established by J.C Rogers at Kolo Mission.

The mission was set on a eight acre piece of land donated by the area chief who had been converted when he heard of word from H.N Haskell in his visit in 1896. The chief also gave a house that was used as a meeting place while the construction of the mission was underway. David Kalaka translated “Steps to Christ” to Basuto  language and when he died in 1903,  Brother and Sister J. A. Chaney joined the mission staff the following year to carry on the missionary work.  Brethren M E Emmerson,
E. C. Silsbee, E. R. Williams and others were also very notable missionaries that contributed to the growth of Kolo and the entire field at Basutoland.

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