A piece of 320 acre land bought at $244 after the arrival of A.A Carscallen in 1906 served as site for Gendia, the first mission in British East Africa . Carscallen was sent to pioneer the mission work in the area by the British Union Conference. Kavirondo bay, now Kendu Bay, on the shores of lake Victoria was selected for the 320 acre of land. The site was up above the hill overlooking the lake with hundreds of heathen Kavirondo villages below. Carscallen who was later joined by the Mr and Mrs J. D Baker with Miss Thompson, took to translating the epistles into the vernacular of which the British and Foreign Society acknowledged his effort.

The work at Gendia extended out beyond Kavirondo bay and during the visit of L. R Conradi in 1908, a new site was acquired at Wire Hill with J. D Baker taking charge of the new station.  He was joined by B. L Morse and H. H Brooks in that same year. Sixteen student gave themselves to baptism in 1911 as the first fruits in the missionary work in British East Africa. Another twenty four were baptized in the year that followed. Sites were  granted by the government and new sites including in Kisii country. Dr G. A. S Madgwick was made the in charge of the newly built hospital that was put up on a piece of ten acres granted to the missionaries by the government.

African Adventist Heritage Museum

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