Institutions Country Website
Adventist University of Africa Kenya
Adventist University of Central Africa Rwanda
Adventist University of West Congo/West Congo Adventist University Democratic Republic of Congo
Adventist University of Lukanga Democratic Republic of Congo
Bugema University Uganda
Ethiopian Adventist College Ethiopia
Kamagambo Adventist College Kenya
University of Arusha Tanzania
University of Eastern Africa, Baraton Kenya

Conferences, Missions and Attached Fields

  • East Burundi Field
  • North Burundi Field
  • West Burundi Field
  • Central Kenya Conference
  • Central Rift Valley Conference
  • Kenya Coast Field
  • Nyamira Conference
  • South Kenya Conference
  • East Kasai Field
  • East Katanga Mission
  • North Katanga Field
  • South Katanga Field
  • West Katanga Mission
  • Central Ethiopia Field
  • North Ethiopia Field
  • Northwest Ethiopia Field
  • South Ethiopia Field
  • South Central Ethiopia Field
  • South East Ethiopia Field
  • South West Ethiopia Field
  • West Ethiopia Conference
  • West Central Ethiopia Field
  • Central Rwanda Field
  • East Central Rwanda Conference
  • East Rwanda Field
  • North Rwanda Conference
  • North-West Rwanda Field
  • South Rwanda Field
  • West Rwanda Field
  • Central Kivu Field
  • Kibali Ituri Mission
  • Maniema Mission
  • North Kivu Field
  • South Kivu Field
  • Upper Congo Field
  • Mara Conference
  • North-East Tanzania Conference
  • South Nyanza Conference
  • West Tanzania Conference
  • East-Central Tanzania Conference
  • South East Tanzania Conference
  • Southern Highlands Conference
  • Greater Bahr el Ghazal Field
  • Greater Equatoria Field
  • Greater Upper Nile Field
  • Central Uganda Conference
  • Eastern Uganda Field
  • Northern Uganda Field
  • Rwenzori Field
  • Southwestern Uganda Field
  • Western Uganda Field
  • Central Kasai Field
  • Congo Equatorial Field
  • Lower Congo Field
  • West Congo Field
  • West Kasai Field
  • Central Nyanza Conference
  • Greater Rift Valley Conference
  • Kenya Lake Conference
  • North West Kenya Conference
  • Ranen Conference

African Adventist Heritage Museum

We are proud to announce that you can now visit our African Adventist Heritage Museum which beautifully documents different aspects of Africa and Adventist History in Africa