The Kasai Story – Mission Spotlight 1978

Rwanda – Mission Spotlight 1978

Trans-Africa Division – Mission Spotlight 1978

Togo – Mission Spotlight 1979

Cameroon – Mission Spotlight 1977

Afro-Mideast Division – Mission Spotlight 1978

Land of the Pyramids – Mission Spotlight 1978

The Polygamy Question

Adventism in West-Central Africa

Situating Adventist History Conference – January 9, 2018 – Fourth Session

Barack Obama and Seventh-day Adventists

Adventist University of Africa

Adventist Pan-African Conference on Dynamic Family Relations, Parts 1-4

History of the Adventist Church in Uganda

Road to Unity: Apartheid in South Africa

African Adventist Heritage Museum

We are proud to announce that you can now visit our African Adventist Heritage Museum which beautifully documents different aspects of Africa and Adventist History in Africa