The Abyssinian Mission was founded in the year 1910 following an arrival of a group of missionaries to the region earlier on.

The Scandinavian Union sent P.N Lindegren and J. Persson to establish missionary work ion Abyssinia as the first Adventist missionaries to that region. This was in the year 1907 after which they settled down in Asmara and took time to learn the local language. two years later they entered into the country having gained a fair knowledge of the dialect and settled in about a mile outside Asmara.

Afterwards, they were followed by L. R Conradi with F. W Vasenius’ family and a nurse, V.E Toppenberg all who contributed to the erection of a mission school and home in 1910. A Norwegian, E. J Lorntz was one of the teachers who worked at the newly built school. He was joined by H. Steiner who came in to serve as the director of the mission following the departure of Dr Vasenius and Mr Toppenberg to Victoria Nyanza Mission field.

A major break through in the mission came in 1914 when the first three converts were baptized, a priest and two deacons. however the same year, the missionary work was disrupted for the reason of the first world war and it the activities were overlooked by the natives until the return of  V. E Toppenberg after the war in 1921.

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